Sunday, April 1, 2012

The 2012 Big Poetry Giveaway

It's that time of year again! It's National Poetry Month, and that means it's time for The Big Poetry Giveaway! This is my second year participating in the event, created and arranged by Kelli Russell Agodon at The Book of Kells. What's the big idea? Poets everywhere are giving poetry books away for free!

Yep: FREE!

In this exciting campaign, meant to promote the poetry we love during National Poetry Month, participating poets are giving away a book of their own and one of a poet they admire. All you have to do is leave a comment below by midnight, April 30, with your name and contact information (at least an email address), and I will choose two winners at the end of the month to receive the free books via random number generator. That's it! I will send the book to you absolutely free, including shipping, anywhere in the world you may be.

Here are the books I'm giving away:

The Stones

This chapbook of poems came out almost at the same time as Shapeshifting, which I gave away last year. The collection is a little bit different, however; more Miami poems, and the Lois Lane poems everyone seems to like so much.

Loose Woman by Sandra Cisneros

This is one of my favorite books of poetry of all time, and contains one of my favorite poems of all time, the title poem. I have a pretty big reason for making it one of the giveaways this year, however. Cisneros is one of the authors the students in Arizona will not be reading this year after the scandalous and shameful "confiscation" of books following the termination of the Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican American studies department. And no wonder; the assholes of the world should be afraid of a woman who writes like . . . well, you'll just have to imagine, since I received a message from her agent asking me to remove the four stanzas of the poem I had quoted. Whatever. Sometimes the whole world becomes Arizona.


  1. Wahoo for poetry! Please sign me up!

  2. I would LOVE to win either of these books! Please sign me up (tawnysha[dot]greene[at]

    I am hosting a giveaway, too!

  3. Would love to be entered. Thanks! Jessica Goodfellow at

  4. yay for poetry! please sign me up!
    thisquiethour AT gmail DOT com

  5. Count me in!

    Tara Mae Mulroy

  6. Celia- please add my name to the drawing. Thank you! Sigh, two more books I now want to read.

  7. Hi Celia, nice to meet you. Please enter me in the drawing, and feel free to come by my blog to enter my drawing as well. Happy poetry month!

    mollycspencer at gmail dot com

  8. i'd love to be included!

    lauraelizabethdavis at gmail dot com


  9. I already have Loose Woman, but I'd love to be included for the chapbook of yours!
    - Molly

  10. Thanks for doing this!

    Andrew Ty
    eldritch00 at gmail dot com

  11. What intriguing selections. Thanks so much for offering these books. Would you please add me to the drawing. Thank you.

  12. Please count me in! Thanks! Nandini

  13. I'd like to enter.

    Stephen S. Mills

  14. Congratulations, Stephen (lucky # 13) and Tara (# 5 is alive), you've won! See post at for details.


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