Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Winners of the 2011 Big Poetry Giveaway

ShapeshiftingAs promised, I have just selected the two winners of the 2011 Big Poetry Giveaway at my blog via random number generator. The winning entries were 1 and 13, Yazmin Andino of Miami, Florida and Michael Wells of Independence, Missouri. Yazmin will receive a copy of my chapbook, Shapeshiftingand Michael will receive a copy of Ann E. Michael's The Capable Heart. My hearty congratulations to you both, and my deepest gratitude to all of you who participated. I hope you'll come back next year for the 2012 BPG, unless of course the Mayans are right and we're all space kibble by then.
Well, I don't appear to have won any free books myself, but I'm holding out hope that maybe some of the giveaways I entered haven't been decided yet. I entered so many I didn't quite keep track, so.

The giveaway was really good for my baby blog. I doubled the amount of readers I had and I'm very grateful to Kelli Russell Agodon of The Book of Kells for the opportunity to participate, and to all of you who linked back to Writing with Celia and brought me new readers. I hope some of you will now keep reading. I hereby declare (sorry, the extra traffic has gone to my head) May as National Revision Month. What better way to follow up National Poetry Month than by revising all those poems you wrote in April? I'll try to post some of my best revision ideas this May.

But what I am most grateful for is the opportunity to pass on Ann E. Michael's beautiful new collection. Michael, I hope you like it.

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  1. I hope he likes it, too, and thanks for making it one of your giveaways!


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